This city has held on to its small-town, friendly atmosphere that people love most about Danville.

Welcome to Danville

An affluent city with a small-town charm


Danville is an affluent California community located off Highway 680, making it a highly sought-after place for families and young professionals to settle. Western Danville retains many of the town’s historical charms with older homes. On the Eastern side of the highway, newer residential developments include a range of housing styles, from single-story condominiums to multi-level mansions. Throughout its development and increasing quality of life available here, this city has held on to its small-town, friendly atmosphere that people love most about Danville.


This warm and welcoming city is only a short drive to the heart of Silicon Valley, where some of the world’s most high-tech companies are headquartered. Between the great schools, an immense amount of amenities, and access to one of the world’s largest technology hubs, it’s no wonder the people of Danville thrive and love it here.


What to Love 

  • Great schools
  • Proximity to Santa Clara and Silicon Valley
  • Developed high-end shopping centers
  • Established, quiet suburban neighborhoods
  • Voted ​​California’s Safest City

Local Lifestyle

Despite increasing affluence and proximity to large urban hubs, Danville has retained a “ma and pa” shop culture where many of the businesses are run by your neighbors. The more local-oriented focus even extends beyond their retail scene. Danville prides itself on the outdoor amenities it provides to give you the chance to explore the beautiful natural landscape with the best resources available. With over 160 acres of land dedicated for public recreational use and numerous public parks, there are endless ways you can spend your days soaking up the sweet California sunshine against the Mount Diablo scenery.


Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The historic area of Downtown Danville encompasses all the charm and character that Danville is known for. Here you’ll find several award-winning restaurants that draw in guests from all around. The Peasant and the Pear is a Chef Rodney Worth gem with a diverse menu with accolades to vouch for its quality. Esin Restaurant and Bar is just one of three top-tier restaurants owned by legendary local chef couple, Esin and Curtis deCarion. Danville Harvest is a simple yet refined restaurant aiming to highlight the best produce the Bay Area offers. The Sideboard is a neighborhood kitchen and coffee bar, offering a cozy invitation and an even warmer meal that’ll take you right back to Grandma’s kitchen. 


Danville’s shopping scene is just as impressive and unique as its food scene. Straying away from chains and large box stores, Danville offers a one-of-a-kind retail experience with boutique shops that you won’t find anywhere else. Between Downtown Danville and Danville Livery Shopping Center, you will have difficulty finding another city with a shopping collection to rival.


Things to Do

There is a wide range of things to do within Danville city limits. Danville’s proximity to Mount Diablo makes it so easy for you to enjoy the numerous trails and views that the mountain has to offer. The Blackhawk Museum is just shy of Mount Diablo and provides a unique learning opportunity as it houses incredibly rare and classic artifacts and automobiles. Museum of the San Ramon Valley works hard to preserve and pass on the historical narrative of how Danville came to be the thriving city it is today. Village Theater and Art Gallery are two of Danville’s ways of cultivating and showcasing local talent, acting as a prominent cornerstone of the city’s cultural scene.



Danville is proudly served by the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Listed below are some of Danville's excellent schools:


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